Unexpected Hang-Ups

A little over a month ago, I embarked on a journey to find my interests. To find things that made me feel excited and passionate, all while not being afraid to try the things I was pretty sure I would be terrible at. Some of these things have been easy to swing, something I could just pick up any night after work or during a weekend. But, the farther I go, the more unexpected difficulties I am finding.

What should be difficult about trying new things?

Well, for one, doing new things costs money. Sure, there are options that are mostly cost-free, but a lot of them are not. Golfing, anything equestrian, collecting, all expensive hobbies. As I’ve mentioned, being a social worker married to an elementary teacher in the process of becoming homeowners does not leave a lot of extras in the budget.

Another problem I’ve been having is variety. That may sound silly, because you can Google “hobbies” and even “inexpensive hobbies” and find pages upon pages of results. However, between the pesky costs of the hobby and the time it takes to do the hobby, there are other factors that need to be considered. Some hobbies require a basic or beginner level of fore-knowledge or skills. You can’t start wood-working if you have no tools and no idea what you are doing. You either end up sitting in your garage staring at a piece of wood without any tools to do anything. Or in a much more dangerous scenario, you have the tools and no idea what you are doing, and you end up losing a finger. And trust me, there is a high likelihood of myself falling in the second scenario.

Also, in an attempt to keep the activities varied, I keep finding myself picking up supplies for something new without actually caring about the project. Instead of something I am excited and passionate about, I’m just finding a new job, something that I have to do when I get home from my day job. 

So, what now?

Now, I’m asking for your help! I need suggestions of new activities, new hobbies, new projects to try.  I’m calling on you, your passions and your experiences, to help me! Who better to help me find new hobbies than the people who are the most passionate about those hobbies!

Also, I am expanding this blog a little. Along with the normal projects and hobbies I’ll be taking on, I also plan to talk more about experiences. Those real-life adventures like hiking, being a tourist in your own town, driving in your car to someplace you have never been before just because! I am going to start sharing about these too! 

My husband and I always say we like to do weird things. We’ve watched a lazer show at the local planetarium to rock music from the 90’s and thrown axes at targets. These are the types of things I am going to start sharing. (I’ll probably post about these specific items on their own in the future too.) 

I think it is important to remember that living your life can and should be your most passionate hobby. After all, you get one chance to experience as much as you can in this life. Might as well try a bunch of new things- hobbies, activities, and experiences!


Two Week-iversary!

Two Weeks!

Two weeks ago today, I posted my very first introduction blog.

Two weeks ago today, I made a goal- a promise to myself, and a promise to anyone who chose to go along with me on this journey- that I would try all sorts of new things. That I would go out of my comfort zone. That I would learn.

And in those two weeks, I’ve tried (or posted) about 7 different hobbies or activities.

I’m going to call that a pretty great start!

And, even more?

I have a few more hobbies I’ve been looking into or working on that I can’t wait to share with you!

I am just getting my feet wet. I am so excited to expand, to take on more, and bigger, hobbies or activities. Just wait- I plan on going paintballing, singing karaoke, going to a shooting range, and so much more! I have big plans!

So if you want to watch video of me yelping after being shot at, singing in public, or just looking like a fool in general, I hope you will continue to stick around!