Quarantine Photography- A Social Distanced Album

I’m going to tell you a secret– It has been a long time since I have felt like I have been in the pursuit of passion.

Maybe it is the quarantine. I had all this extra time, but I didn’t really feel motivated to try anything new.

I still tried a little:
– I tried a new bread recipe.
– I kept up with my bullet journal.
– I tried to read some books.
– I even tried to get excited by yard work. *(Super not my thing, btw)

The only thing I was able to do a few times was go out and take some pictures. But honestly, I felt bad doing that. Even if I stayed away from other people, I felt like I shouldn’t be out of my house. So, as much as I enjoy photography, the guilt got to me and I wouldn’t go out very often or for long. But even so, I did manage to get some shots over quarantine and I realized I hadn’t shared them yet.

So, for your viewing pleasure, I call this album : Shots I Could Get While Staying Far Away From Other Humans

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