Bullet Journal Updates

Due to Quarantine, there may be absolutely nothing going on, but that isn’t stopping me from keeping up with my bullet journaling. My calendar is SUPER empty, but thankfully, I still have plenty of other things I can be keeping track of, including my mood and things to be grateful for.

For April, I went with a black and white floral theme. I was pretty happy with how the front page went. I also did my first attempt at a dutch door pattern. I put the same border on both sides and then put my mood tracker and my to do list on either side of the door. It was fun to get to mix that up and try something new. Here is how they both turned out!

For May, I went with a cactus theme. This was a bigger test for me, as this was the first big drawings I had done for a theme. I am super excited to get to use it now because it turned out awesome!

So, are you bothering to keep up with your journal or have you given up due to the COVID Blues?

I’d love to see your recent themes! Drop them in the comments!

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