FOWC with Fandango

Lately, I’ve been having such a great time with the Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge, I’ve decided to do a little more of this. However, Carrot Ranch doesn’t post a challenge every week, nor does the challenge type stay the same.

This week I found another challenge I’m interested in playing along with: Fandango’s One Word Challenge. The rules are simple, write a post based off the single given word. Can be any length, any type, any thing you choose.

Today’s word is “spider”.

Here we go!

A Spider’s Work is Never Done

I spin my web
I spin all day
I spin, that is my work

In hidden spot
When you don’t look
I spin my piece of artwork

And by the end
Of this long day
My spinning will be through

But you come home
And knock it down
So tomorrow, there’s more work to do.

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