Flash Fiction Challenge- Unremembered Sacrifice

I had such a great experience writing the challenge post a few weeks ago, so I am so excited to be back at it again.

Check back on the first Flash Fiction post if you are unfamiliar with the basic rules. Here are the rules for this challenge, which can be found at Carrot Ranch Literary Community:

September 26, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about someone unremembered. Is it a momentary lapse or a loss in time? Play with the tone — make it funny, moving, or eerie. Go where the prompt leads you!

Here goes!

Unremembered Sacrifice

On this gray and misty day,

Watching people one by one, walking,

Leaving flowers, shedding tears,

Sending thoughts to loved ones who never hear.

But here I am, invisible, unseen

Not living but present.

My soul standing near a wall without my name,

With no flowers meant for me

No tears, no thoughts.

No family looking or wondering.

No one knows where I lay.

No final resting place for me.

No one knows the sacrifice I made.

No one knows what happened to me.

I am the ghost of a passed soldier.

No one stops to think of me.

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