To a Tee

One of the most common things you hear when you ask someone about their hobbies is the sports they are interested in. Whether it is the sports they watch and cheer on obsessively, or the sports they play in their spare time, it is a pretty universal hobby-type. There are the common ones, like baseball, basketball, and football. And there are the lesser common ones, like darts, Frisbee golf, and ping-pong.

This weekend, on a date night with my husband, we stretched one of these hobby sports to make it fit my needs. Though I intend to try a real driving range in the future, this weekend was the short range fun kind- Mini Golf!

My husband, a semi-avid golfer prior to his shattered humerus last year, decidedly told me he was going to “wipe the floor with my ass” when we arrived, so I was feeling the pressure to beat him mercilessly. Just some old-fashioned, goodhearted competition between spouses. So, when we counted after the 9th hole, he was pretty grouchy that we were tied.

Look at that serious stance!

When we went into the 18th hole still tied, we were both feeling the pressure. We decided to make it interesting- loser buys ice cream! He putted first. I told him not to choke. He didn’t appreciate it. He was even less appreciative when we ended the 18th hole still tied.

When your husband smack talks you the whole way to the course, you are not allowed to end in a tie. It just can’t happen. Thankfully the 18th hole did not take our balls, so we replayed a hole that was close to us where there weren’t other people. Which, very happily I might add, ended with a hole in one and a boast-worthy victory for me.

Don’t feel too bad for him though, cause I was still a nice wife and bought him ice cream anyway! So we both won, because I enjoy activities that end with ice cream! And as you can see, we were still friends at the end of the evening!

Now that I am warmed up, I am looking forward to trying a driving range for the first time. However, with a background in softball, everyone near me better beware, cause I can’t guarantee I won’t swing it like a bat.

Come back later to see how that turns out!

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